The idea behind logical rebels

Logical mind, tuned for constructive criticism:

The idea of making this website did not just come over night, in contrary, it grew on me since I was a teenager, when I started to notice that many individuals are imprisoned in their prejudices, hatred, and misinformation, independent of their age, most probably me myself.

The essence of LogicalRebels is to create an environment suitable for constructive criticism against anything out there, even if that thing sounds legit, logical or holy . (More on this below)

Nothing is perfect…

This is a philosophical matter and actually, one of the most important fundamentals of modern philosophy (and thus, many new branches of psychology, such as psychotherapy, etc).

Immanuel Kant who is the central figure in modern philosophy, had an insight that we constitute rather than perceive reality, through our sensors such as eyes, ears, etc. The sensors must and will deform the data, and then all of these data pass through in neural network with means of electric pulses 1 Well, he didn’t probably know about that part, he was giant but you cannot expect him to know about neural network in 18th Century! But he got a good idea! His logical mind could conclude to the point, even if some details were missing and then reassemble in brain to provide us with a version of what we call reality but which in fact is only a fiction that emerges from our conceptualizing and categorizing mind. And we cannot bypass this process, so we have no way of knowing what is “really” there.

We can see that for example, it is human reason that produces moral laws. There is no absolute or divine entity, and thus we can conclude that there is no absolute answer to what is correct and what is not. Even if there is such entity, it will and must remain unknown to us forever, as we can only see it through our twisted senses, and no one will see it the same. That is how all religions and ideologies which prescribe absolute solutions fail. That is the essence of Nietzsche’s famous quote “god is dead”. If Modern philosophy empowered by rational mind can kill god in its classic divine entity, nothing will be safe from a logical mind.

what is constructive criticism exactly?

Constructive criticism is a result of reasoning and deep thinking, empowered by knowledge and logic, in an aim to find a fault, shortage or malice about a specific topic which results in an opinion about that topic. The topic can be a thing, subject, person, ideology, physiology, religion, etc. Nothing is holy, nothing is immune. The constructive criticism by definition should be polite, otherwise it will be degraded to just swearing and bad mouthing.

What are the prerequisites of constructive criticism?

Constructive criticism can only be achieved when and if you:

  • most importantly have a Logical mind
  • have certain level of knowledge about the topic.
  • do not have any prejudice about the topic ( but having some bias is inevitable and the drive of critique.)

Anyone can participate

The goal of establishing this website is to hopefully create a platform in which authors which fit to above criteria can write and share their views about almost any possible topic, as long as it is not very deep in to an specific field. In other words it should be understandable for an average but enthusiastic reader. It is interesting to see how some friends are excited about this and show interest to write articles namely about inequality, irrational laws, misinformation etc.